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Manufacturer of quality pressure and temperature sensors.  

About Us

  Satellites in outer space;


Oil well data logging systems thousands of feet below the earth's surface;


Oceanographic Equipment submerged under miles of sea water;



PTI, pressure transducers are utilized by diverse industries to operate flawlessly in hardened environments that would destroy most sensitive instruments.

Fortunately, our products meet the challenges of the most demanding applications.

Innovative Design

PT Instruments provides a large selection of standard transducers designed to meet the various requirements of most pressure monitoring applications. In addition, we also provide custom designed transducers for specialized applications.

Innovation is inherent in every PT Instruments Pressure transducer. Our low pressure transducers are designed with a strain gage bonded to a diaphragm. The bonding technique yields distinct advantages: it eliminates mechanical parts; reduces acceleration effects; and provides increased long-term stability, reliability and accuracy.